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Alexis Spread

Introducing the one and only Alexis Spread, the totally edible, delectable, and spreadable drag queen sensation from Ballarat, Victoria. With a name that’s as deliciously captivating as her performances, Lady Alexis Spread is a true drag artist extraordinaire. Hailing from the heart of Victoria, she infuses her shows with a unique blend of country charm and drag allure, leaving audiences hungry for more. Whether she’s dazzling in sequins or serving up sass with a side of humor, Alexis Spread knows how to command the stage with her undeniable presence.

From her hometown of Ballarat to stages far and wide, this queen spreads joy and excitement wherever she goes, proving that she’s not just a queen – she’s the toast of the town.


Get ready to experience the epitome of drag excellence with the fabulous Amanduh, reigning queen of all occasions! Whether it’s a corporate event, hens party, bingo night, trivia extravaganza, or birthday bash, Amanduh delivers unforgettable entertainment that leaves audiences in awe. With her infectious energy and quick wit, she commands the stage, effortlessly bringing laughter and joy to every corner of the room. From sophisticated soirées to wild celebrations, Amanduh’s versatility knows no bounds, ensuring that every event is a resounding success.

Prepare for an evening of sheer entertainment that will have your guests talking for years to come – because with Amanduh, every moment is pure magic!

Annie Social

Indulge your sweet tooth with Annie Social, the delectable drag queen lighting up the stages of Melbourne’s queer hotspots. With a perfect mix of camp, sexy allure, humor, and dance moves, Annie serves up a delightful concoction of entertainment, even if she’s a little dense. Twirling into the drag scene with a diverse array of characters and performances, Annie ensures your events are a piece of cake, with her presence as the icing on top.

From her captivating stage presence to her irresistible charm, Annie Social is the perfect recipe for a night of unforgettable fun and frivolity.

Atlanta Dusk

Meet Atlanta Dusk, the makeup guru and first runner-up in Miss Gay Australia, captivating audiences with her mesmerizing performances and flawless style. Standing tall at 6’5″”, Atlanta commands attention as she struts through any room with loudness, fabulousness, and drop-dead gorgeousness. With her talent for creating stunning looks and her comedic genius, Atlanta leaves audiences in awe and stitches.

Her flawless makeup, impeccable style, and unwavering confidence make her a true vision of beauty on and off the stage. Get ready to be dazzled by Atlanta Dusk’s incredible talent, jaw-dropping looks, and side-splitting humor – she’s a force to be reckoned with in the world of drag.

Aubrey Haive

Oh Behave its Aubrey Haive! The dynamic performer and style icon known for her unforgettable presence on RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under. With her fearless fashion choices and mesmerizing stage performances, Aubrey has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Beyond her stunning visual appeal, she showcases her musical talents by skillfully playing the guitar and delivering soulful vocals.

As a captivating host, Aubrey effortlessly commands the stage with her infectious energy, making every event an unforgettable experience. With her versatile talent and undeniable charisma, Aubrey Haive continues to leave an indelible mark on the entertainment world.

Brooke Khaki

Introducing Brooke Khaki, the vivacious and bubbly drag queen whose presence is always accompanied by a trail of sparkle and joy. Known for her infectious energy, contagious laugh, and captivating stage presence, Brooke lights up any room she enters. With her impeccable makeup skills and eye-catching outfits, Ms. Khaki never fails to turn heads and steal the show, leaving audiences in awe of her beauty and talent.

Get ready to be enchanted by Brooke Khaki’s irresistible charm and unforgettable performances – she’s a true gem in the world of drag.

DJ Cliterally

Cliterally is a powerhouse Melbourne DJ, bringing you the perfect mix of Disco & House mixed with all your favourite camp classics.

Having played festivals like Sydney Mardi Gras, Groovin the Moo’, Let Them Eat Cake, Gay Ski Week Aus & FabAlice Festival this Queen knows how to get the party started and your booty on the dance floor.

DJ JXN Miles

Introducing DJ JXN Miles, the pulsating beat master reigning over Melbourne’s nightlife scene with electrifying mixes and infectious energy. With a keen sense of rhythm and a passion for music, JXN keeps dance floors packed and crowds moving all night long. Born and bred in Melbourne, JXN embodies the city’s diverse and vibrant spirit, infusing their sets with a blend of genres that appeal to all tastes.

From underground clubs to mainstream venues, JXN’s dynamic DJ sets showcase their versatility and talent behind the turntables. Offstage, JXN is a pillar of support for the LGBTQ+ community, using their platform to promote inclusivity and diversity within the music industry. With their unwavering dedication and magnetic presence, DJ JXN Miles is a rising star on the Melbourne music scene, leaving an unforgettable impression wherever they perform.

Eliza Lot

One of Melbourne’s fiercest dancing divas to hit the stage! Splits, kicks, and cartwheels – are served up daily! She’s not too bad on the eyes either, once the lights go down (or after a few cocktails)!

Eliza will have you up on your feet, spillin’ your drink, and leave you beggin’ for more! As they say, there ain’t no party like an Eliza Lot party!

Ellectra Kute

Ellectra Kute is your plus size barbie with a personality to boot!

Originally from Sydney, but now calling Melbourne home. This full-time showgirl is also the current
reigning Miss Gay Australia, so be careful cause she may come to snatch your crown! Always a fun time, she loves turning a LEWK and has a heart as big as her double E’s! So flick the switch and watch her spark.. it’s bound to be electric!

Announcement coming soon

Please sit site for our next queen to be announced.


Introducing Gloss, the newest sensation on the beauty scene, delivering intense pigment and hi-shine glamour straight from the tube. With her puckered lips and captivating presence, Gloss reigns supreme as the goddess of the dancefloor and the ultimate host. Whether dazzling with her looks or dropping beats, Gloss ensures the party never stops.

From bingo nights to trivia extravaganzas, she brings unmatched entertainment wherever she goes. Get ready to witness Gloss’s reign as she slays every event with unforgettable style and charisma.

Karmin Cant Commit

Fasten your seatbelts, honeybuns, because Karmin Cant, our dazzlingly daring diva, is here to steal the show!

Infusing raw punk rock rebellion with timeless elegance, Karmin’s eclectic style is a thrilling rollercoaster ride, presenting a mesmerizing tableau of Old Hollywood glamour tinged with unpredictable avant-garde artistry. Her electric stage presence, whether she’s belting out soul-shaking ballads or showcasing dance moves that leave you breathless, is a testament to her power and control, proving she’s not just a performer, but a queen ruling her stage kingdom.

So lace up your dancing shoes and prepare to be swept up in the whirlwind of fabulous excitement that is Karmin Cant!

Kris - Promotional

Meet Kris, a versatile performer seamlessly blending masculinity and femininity with captivating moves that leave audiences mesmerized. With a vibrant personality, Kris charms crowds of all ages, effortlessly transitioning between roles from hosting to serving drinks with flair.

With years of industry experience and a current security license, Kris is the go-to choice for any event, ensuring both entertainment and safety. From elegant soirées to backyard dance-offs, Kris is adored by all, solidifying their status as an essential part of any occasion.

Lady Lou Bricant

Get ready for a sparkly explosion of sass, humour, and entertainment! Meet Lady Lou Bricant, the drag queen extraordinaire who’s taking the regional scene by storm with her outrageous parodies, side splitting comedy, and impressive array of talents.

This multifaceted performer is not just a one-trick pony, she’s the Jackie of all trades, from hosting raucous bingo nights to leading trivia showdowns that will leave you giggling and guessing, not to mention making sure any party really gets loud with her games and performances, Lady Lou Bricant is sure to leave you gagging for more.

Millie Anne Problems

Meet Millie Anne Problems, your resident theatre aficionado whose infectious love for the stage and larger-than-life persona ensure the spotlight never fades. With knee-slapping humor and a knack for parody, she reimagines classic dramas in ways that leave you belly-laughing and viewing the theatrical world through a freshly amusing lens.

Always spirited, she is the epitome of fun-loving, never shying away from turning life’s problems into a dance. Join Millie on her enchanting journey through the melodramatic highs and lows of life, promising an unforgettable spectacle.

Opal Essance

Opal Essence emerges from the depths of comedy, camp, and chaos, embodying the adage “”it takes a town to raise a child but only a mother to destroy one.”” With a wicked sense of humor and a flair for the dramatic, she captivates audiences from every angle, except downwards, of course. Give this diva a mic, and prepare for pandemonium as the crowd goes wild (insanity included at extra cost).

Opal is the diva who’ll shatter rainbows to reveal glimpses of eternal damnation, ensuring an unforgettable experience every time. And remember, with Opal, you can always ask for seconds – if you dare.

Ozkan - Promotional

Meet Oscar, the epitome of versatility, effortlessly blending slim, thick, masc, and fem with captivating dance moves that could steal anyone’s heart. As one of our charming pretty boys, Oscar exudes a bright and bubbly personality that charms audiences of all ages, even winning over your grandma. With a natural talent for dancing, go-go dancing, and hosting, Oscar can serve drinks with flair or switch roles to become your event’s hot security guard.

With years of industry experience and a current security license, Oscar is the ultimate choice for any event or exclusive twerking contest in your backyard. And yes, he’s your grandma’s favorite – for good reason.

Regina Georgina

Hold onto your tiaras and brace for fabulousness, because Regina Georgina is here!

She’s an explosive mix of sassy, edgy charm and unapologetic glamour that lights up any room. With her bubblegum-pink power ensembles, Regina knows how to own a runway and dazzle her audience. But her magic doesn’t stop there. When she’s not commanding the catwalk, she’s breathing life into her performances with fierce, heart-stopping lip-syncs. A show with Regina is a high-octane thrill ride of unexpected stunts and thrilling drama. Despite her mean girl aura, straight out of a 90s high school movie, Regina boasts a heart shimmering with gold (and don’t forget that impeccable contour!).

So prepare for a spectacle like no other as Regina Georgina storms the stage!

Spencer Street

Spencer Street is your central transit stop, connecting you to all the places you do (and don’t) want to go!

She’s loud, proud and knows how to get down! Our resident party girl puts the ass in class! She’s flirty, cheeky and high energy. If we could describe her in a drink, it would be a long island, as she’s a mix of everything, and leaves you gagging for more!

Teddy Clitter

Teddy Clitter is the epitome of bogan dreams, sporting the hottest mullet in town and defining glamour with rhinestone-studded, self-made costumes. As Melbourne’s ultimate hype man and bogan prince, he brings a dose of high camp hilarity to every stage.

Whether he’s boogeying down on the dance floor or charming the crowd at the bar or smoker’s area, Teddy is always the life of the party. Curious about the surprises hidden in his mullet? You’ll just have to join the fun and find out for yourself.

Tilly Capulet

Get ready to be dazzled by Tilly Capulet, the Moustached Mistress of Melbourne.

A well-rounded performer who effortlessly combines camp, fashion and a touch of stupidity. As your hostess with the MO-stess, Tilly commands the stage like no other, captivating audiences with her unmatched presence. So book this theatrical Diva to spice up your next event.


As sweet and vibrant as an orange, Valencia (she/they) is the radiant beacon of Hispanic Drag Excellence in Melbourne. Hailing from the sun-drenched city of Valencia in Spain, she made her way to Australia to stir up the performance scene with her rich Music Theatre training.

Each of her performances is a flavor-packed spectacle, blending Spanish flair with Melbourne’s artistic pulse. Known for her stunning looks and dramatic performances, Valencia’s irresistible charm pulls you into a sensory journey where every act is juicier than the last.

Experience the Valencia effect – it’s a taste of Spain, a dash of Melbourne, and a generous pour of fabulous!

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